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2015 is a keydate in the History of Domain Name Investing.

THE DOMAIN LORD that created the whole concept of DOMAIN LORDS and maximum monetization of Industry Keywords through Domain Name Fractionization has just launched a major new Portal that has development rights to 100’s of major INDUSTRY KEYWORD DOMAIN NAMES.

The mega keyword Portal is 1 PORTALS.

100’s of Industry Keywords, many of which are already deveoped and with clients on them are in the launch as well as 100’s of GEO Domain Names.

The Portal is focused on FIVE MAJOR INDUSTRIES in which they operate 100’s of Keyword Domains.

The Legal Industry is one of the huge portals the new Portal manages and that portal alone has over 50 major legal keywords that have already been developed.

The Portal also has dozens of developed keyword portals for the Automotive and Construction Trades Industries as well as Medical Portals and Real Estate Portals.

Each client on the mega portal gets the rights to use a GEO SUB DOMAIN for the market they are in on the Industry Keyword of the Portal.

The clients sub domain that has a COMPLETE IT SOLUTION that includes an SEO Guru, SEM/PPC Guru, SMO Guro and the client also gets to use HIGH RESPONSE CONTENT created by the IT Staff that includes HD Industry Videos.

While local companies often struggle to have a relevant presence on the net for their own websites, the 1 Portals Model supplies a local business exclusive rights to use their keyword domain in that clients market and the client gets a turnkey COMPLETE IT SOLUTION that results in great position on major search engines and also a PPC Manager to oversee expensive PPC campaigns.

The cost for a complete IT Staff to help local businesses is beyond what almost every local business can afford. However, the 1 Portals Solution gives a local business access to a full IT STAFF that results in that company actually seeing magnificent results from such professional IT work.

The packages offered by 1 Portals range from $249 to $2,499 dollars a month per client, the prices are determinied by Industry and Market that the client is in. Besides this base income fee the 1 Portals Solution also includes the option of PPC Managment for cllients for only a 25% management fee of the clients PPC budget.

A typical keyword domain name asset can have 100’s of clients all paying monthly use fees to the owner of the domain name asset.