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OMGASMS The Orgasm Book by Eros Adonis



The Orgasm Book by Eros Adonis

If your chick hasn’t been asking you about OMGASMS (great drop) expect her to start demanding you give her them any day now.


Eros Adonis (great hand reg) is literally ancient Greek for the God of Love and the God of Beauty and he claims unabashedly to be the Gift of the Gods to every female on earth.

The secret of Eros Adonis is his special hook known as EROS CRYSTALS (great hand reg) or Love Crystals to mere mortals.

Now Eros Adonis has not left out us poor mortal males that often find it easier to make a million than try to pick up some hot young babe in real life since he has written the ULTIMATE PICK UP book and shared with all us mortal males how every chick he meets is putty in his hands.

The book is sure to be a top seller as will his OMGASMS book, the PICK UP book is titled HOW TO PICK UP BOOK (great hand reg).

Now the reason I’m writing about this, is to show Domain Lords how easy it still is to get BRANDABLE domain names from drops and even hand regs.

So a whole new persona was created by a proven publishing company to give females and men WHAT THEY WANT, information for females on how to CUM and info for tongue twisted males on how to PICK UP ready to bang chicks.


Now OMGASMS could actually become a major SEX BRAND, I can see smiling secretaries around the globe with BIG O coffee mugs and shirts and guys with BIG O hats and sweatshirts.

Then how he has a future pet rock thing with his Eros Crystals could be huge as well.

So four domains and three books with a real product (sex crystals) and then who knows hats, shirts and mugs and whatever else you can put the BIG O on.

Expect to see a viral video soon and even a song called the OM LOVE SONG.

I can see this whole thing taking off really fast and I hear they may be on SHARK TANK soon bringing laughs and giggles to the world.