Bookbub gets 3.8M VC Funding is it a SCAM?

Bookbub gets 3.8M VC Funding is it a SCAM?

Bookbub was a major player recently in FREE EBOOKS at Amazon, and we all know the woes of Amazon with FAKE BOOK REVIEWS.

Now they raised 3.8M from a VC says the WSJ.

Was he a FOOL?

Sol Adoni knows a lot about eBook, for 10 years he was one of the largest if the largest portals for FREE EBOOKS.

He came down from his mountain top recently and pontificated on Amazon, the general problem of FAKE everything on the Net, Fake Alexa Rankings (Amazon owns Alexa), Fake Amazon Reviews, Fake Facebook Likes, Fake Twitter Followers.

He explans how Bookbub MAY have used a proxy farm to help new authors hit #1 on Amazon for Free eBook Lists.

He also points out that now that Amazon doesn’t pay sites like Bookbub for Free eBook downloads, the books they list for Free on their site don’t show major ranking position.

With all the FAKES and FRAUDS in the world and especially the Net, it’s fresh to hear a real internet veteran weigh in on THE FAKE SOCIAL MEDIA WORLD on the Net today.

Sol Adoni Bookbub is a SCAM



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