1 Search Acquires 1 eMail


1 Search acquires 1 eMail

Nice private deal on this one.

1 Search Org privately acquired 1 eMail .com

The 1 Search project has over 200 1 Geo Domains such as



High End email services on the 200+ geo domains will be handled via 1 eMail from what I hear.

So now you have 200+ Geo Domains in the 1 Search Network that can target any region for any keyword for search results and businesses and individuals that don’t want to be yourname9999 at gmail or hotmail can be yourname at a 1Geo.tld.

The new email portal will offer NO ADS in a monthly format the site says.

So NO PPC ADS on 1 Search Results and 200+ 1 Geos fueling the site and now 1 eMail marketing email services.


1 Search acquires 1 eMail



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